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Courses Reception – Year 7

Languages courses for students in Years R-7 are available in Afrikaans, Chinese, French, Hindi, Indonesian, Italian, Japanese, Khmer, Korean, Polish (Years 6-7), Spanish and Vietnamese.

These courses are based on the Australian Curriculum and are aimed at second language learners, with the exception of Afrikaans, Khmer and Polish.

Enrolments for students in R-7 are accepted as follows:Term 1 – ongoing basisTerms 2-4 – until the end of Week 2.Enrolment enquiries made after Term 4, Week 2 will be held over until the new school year. Reception students – only students who turn five on or before 30 April are eligible to enrol.

Year levels may be separate or combined depending on numbers.

If you are interested in enrolling your child, please call the School of Languages and speak to an enrolment counsellor. 



2017 Information for for Parents and Students Primary Courses (1031KB pdf)

Reception to Year 4 Agreements and Consents (343KB pdf

Years 5 to 7 Agreements and Consents (343KB pdf)

2017 Student Enrolment Form For R-10 Courses (296KB pdf)

2018 Student Enrolment Form For R-10 Courses (296KB pdf)

2017 Primary brochure (145KB pdf)