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Dinka is the language of the communities of the southern Sudan region of Africa.  Although there are dialect differences, the Dinka language is a common, uniting bond throughout the region which has about 3 million people.

As more members of the Dinka-speaking community arrive and settle in South Australia, the School of Languages is working to maintain the language heritage that they bring with them.


Language and Culture Course

Students should have some background in or prior knowledge of Dinka, and will have studied the language for 400-500 hours by the time they have completed Stage 2, or have the equivalent level of knowledge.

They develop and apply linguistic and intercultural knowledge, understanding, and skills to interact and communicate appropriately and effectively in Dinka in a variety of contexts for a range of purposes and audiences.

Students develop and extend their ability to communicate across cultural boundaries. 

Stage 1 - Credits: 10 or 20
Stage 2 - Credits: 10 or 20 (School of Languages offers 20 credits course only)

Stage 2, 20 credit subjects can contribute to first 60 credits for ATAR.

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Dinka Stage 1 Lang & Culture Course Overview

Dinka Stage 2 Lang & Culture Course Overview

Years 8 to 10

Years 11 to 12

Dinka Brochure