South Australia


About Us

Who we are

We are a government school that specialises in languages education. Since 1986, we have supported thousands of young South Australians to pursue their passion for language learning by developing their multilingual and intercultural capability, and sense of identity.

Our mission

The School of Languages was established as part of a vision for a multilingual and inclusive society.

Our charter is to provide access, choice and continuity in language learning for South Australian students, through the provision of quality programs in a broad range of languages R-12, that complement and supplement languages programs offered in mainstream schools and community language programs.

Our staff

Our committed teachers are highly experienced and multilingual, with expertise across more than 22 languages. They routinely engage with contemporary professional learning to ensure students are involved in high quality language learning experiences.

Our values

Respect; Quality; Commitment; Diversity

Our unique context

Students from government, independent and Catholic schools come together after school hours to learn the language of their choice, which is not available in their home school. Lessons are held once a week in a friendly environment of committed professionals and motivated students. This provides for a sustained focus and time for extending students’ learning through a wide range of activities.

Teaching centres

Our classes are held in schools across Adelaide, with Adelaide High School being the largest centre. We have more than 20 other teaching centres which offer a variety of languages at various year levels, in response to local demand.

We give special acknowledgement and appreciation to the many schools across Adelaide that host our programs, thus enabling students and their families to benefit from learning a language.

Learning languages and becoming multilingual

It is well recognised and supported with extensive research that becoming bilingual or multilingual has many advantages. These include:

  • the capacity to communicate effectively and confidently using at least two languages
  • an understanding of how language and culture shape who we are and how we interact
  • an understanding of how language works and how to harness its power
  • increased cognitive strength and flexibility
  • a heightened sensitivity and openness towards others
  • an expanded sense of belonging and life opportunities.

Languages taught

A wide range of languages is taught, from Reception to Year 12.