South Australia


¡Hola a todos! Ich heiße Lachlan Perry und ich bin die Schüler im Schulrat für School of Languages. During the daytime, I learn German at Pulteney Grammar School, and at night, I learn Spanish at School of Languages. In my house, we speak English, and my parents are Australians. What I have learned, I have learned out of choice.

I believe that learning additional languages is extremely important for a more multicultural and diverse society. Of course there are amazing opportunities that come with learning languages, like travelling overseas, exchanges and immersion into another culture. But even if you were to stay in Australia, there are huge benefits of learning languages, such as meeting really cool people and understanding how language works (which will help you to understand English).

¡Asi que espero que decides aprender otro idioma, y veras que bien es! Happy language learning.