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Chinese is a significant world language spoken by  about one-quarter of the world’s population. 

Modern Standard Chinese is pre-eminent among  the many spoken varieties of Chinese. It is the major language of communication in China, Taiwan and Singapore, and it is widely used by Chinese communities throughout the Asia-Pacific  region, including Australia, where people with a Chinese background have been part of Australian society for many generations. 

The People’s Republic of China (PRC) has a strong economic, political and cultural profile globally and is a major influence in the nations of the Asia-Pacific region. Australia has strong connections through trade, and political and cultural contacts with both the PRC and other nations with Chinese communities. The study of Chinese supports the relationship with these countries in our region. 

The study of Chinese gives access to an important cultural and linguistic heritage. Chinese culture and language have a continuous history of more than 4000 years and Chinese cultural and linguistic heritage has influenced other cultures through knowledge, technology, religion, philosophy and values. 

Studying Chinese can also provide a pathway for  students into post-secondary options. These options may include employment in the domestic or international economy in areas such as tourism, technology, finance, services and business.

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