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Indonesia’s rich and diverse culture reflects its long history at the commercial and cultural crossroads of the Asian region. Study of the Indonesian language provides insights into the cultural traditions, attitudes, beliefs and values of a region that has particular relevance to Australia’s future.

Studies in the Indonesian language will make a positive contribution to closer relations between Australia and Indonesia. There is a growing Indonesian community within Australia, and business and tourist links with Indonesia are steadily increasing. In recent years “sister school” relationships and other State-sponsored links with Indonesian provinces have opened up opportunities for Australian students to have direct contact with Indonesian-speaking communities.

Being able to communicate in Indonesian may, in conjunction with other skills, also increase students’ vocational opportunities in the areas of trade, business, banking, defence, diplomacy, immigration, education, journalism, law, engineering, tourism and the arts.

Indonesian is closely related to Malaysian. It is understood in Malaysia, Singapore and Brunei.

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