South Australia



Course Overviews:

Primary Course Statement

Language: Thai / Level: Years R-6


What is this course about?

In this course, students will develop the foundational knowledge and skills to communicate in Thai about aspects of their lives and immediate world. They learn to notice aspects of Thai language and culture(s) and relate these to their own; developing their overall literacy and intercultural capability in the process. Students develop awareness of how language and culture shape who we are and how we make meaning across languages and cultures.


What will students learn?

  • develop and apply knowledge of the sounds and forms of Thai language including pronunciation (particularly vowels and low tone consonants), script, vocab categories and word order
  • use Thai to share information and opinions about their immediate world, ideas and interests
  • use Thai to respond to and create imaginative texts such as stories and songs
  • notice aspects of Thai language and culture(s), and how these relate to languages and cultures they know
  • learn strategies for planning and thinking about their language learning and being a language learner.


How will students show their learning and find out how they are going?

Across the year, students will show evidence of their learning through a range of assessment experiences that capture their capabilities to:

  • use Thai to interact, inform and create texts
  • explain what they know about how Thai language and culture(s) work, and how this compares to language(s) and culture(s) they know
  • tell others about how they are going in their learning.

This course is based on the Australian Curriculum: Chinese.

For more specific detail refer to the Australian Curriculum website or contact the School.