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The study of French provides access to the cultures of the many French-speaking countries and communities throughout the world: our South Pacific neighbours (New Caledonia, Tahiti, Vanuatu); South-East Asia (Cambodia, Laos, Vietnam); Europe (France, Switzerland, Belgium, Luxembourg); Africa (Morocco, Senegal, Tunisia); the Middle East; the Indian Ocean region (Madagascar, Mauritius, Reunion Island); Canada; the West Indies.

French is an official language at the Olympic Games, the United Nations, the European Union, the South Pacific Commission, the Organisation for African Unity, and at many international conferences.

Through the study of the French language, students will develop both linguistic and cultural understandings, which will enhance travel in French-speaking countries and promote understanding, harmony and cooperation with French-speaking communities in Australia.

Knowledge of French may be an advantage in seeking employment in fields such as the arts, banking and international finance, commerce, cuisine and catering, diplomacy, education and research, fashion and cosmetics, government, hospitality (eg hotels, restaurants), the law, the media (eg journalism), science and technology, tourism (eg airlines), translation and interpreting, and wine-making.

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